Sunday, 8 June 2014

Knightly Order... Here be Giants!... Of the mechanised walker variety :)

Been a while since last update... thought I might share what I've been doing.  So GW Produced a lovely model in the new Imperial Knight.  Always had a soft spot for these since the first games of Space Marine and Epic.  On getting the codex none of the Houses appealed to me, so I looked at doing a freelance but I really like the idea of having a background and Knightly Order to draw upon, hence my Dark Angels I suppose.

So what to do?  Back in the early 90's my dad got a little obsessed with the family tree and history, anyway he tracked us directly back over 600 years.  So I thought hell if we'd been around 600 years then why not another 40k ;) and the order House Tozer was born.  I painted the Knight in the heraldry colours and 40k'ified the family crest.

The back story is they are the rulers of a Dark Angel recruiting world that the Angels call upon in times when a little bit more firepower is needed.  So I get the best of both worlds... A fully fledged Knightly Order to use on it's own or an allied detachment for my Dark Angels.  It's mostly finished I have some kill markings to do and some Dark Angel iconography to apply. 

So here is the God Engine Warspite...

Everything on the model is magnetised so weapons can be swapped the engine reposed and masks can be changed.  Hope you all like it.

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