Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fat Bastard in Goblin Form??? Surely Not!!

Grom the Paunch.  Long forgotten hero of the goblins and weirdly dropped by GW despite being a charismatic character and a nice backstory to go with it.

Anyway the story goes he ate a plateful of troll flesh and now it's regenerating inside him only his potent digestive system keeping him alive and not bursting from the seams.

Games Workshop produced what was a nice miniature at the time for Grom himself, but with Niblet his banner bearer they decided to go away from the original Mark Gibbons artwork to a mini that quite frankly was awful.  It had very few if any redeeming qualities.  I can understand why they did it, they decided to put Grom & Niblit in their own chariot and the pictured Niblet wouldn't have been a good passenger! ;)

Original MG artwork

Games Workshop Mini
That's not to say the original Niblit wasn't made, he was, but he was never released to my knowledge (of if so in very limited edition)
Now I'm lucky enough to have both Grom & Niblit in the Chariot and Grom and Niblit on foot and I tried to re-create the original MG artwork, however I couldn't find a sprawling dwarf and my conversion skills leave a LOT to be desired.  So he's on rocks!! Anyway here they are...


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